July 23, 2007

Killer Ice cube

So I'm minding my own business as I open our freezing unit to get some ice for my drink right.... A killer ice cube jumps out and pierces my little toe! Yes it did bring blood and I had to put a bandade on it...  And this was a few days ago, now it has a scab.... Ah what an exciting life I have....  I thought about suing the company but my evidence melted.....

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July 06, 2007

Ahhh country life.......

Mom said there were two bears in our backyard one day a few weeks ago.  They keep coming back. Another time one bear jump on the back of my dad's truck and the other put its nose on our office door.  The closest I've come to seeing it is hearing our grill fall over.... or rather get knocked over and a big muddy foot print on it... Sad once the dog's gone all the wildlife decides to move in... and I don't even get to see it... Oh well I'm sure I'll walk out one day and run right into it...

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May 12, 2007

Country Living Tip 1: Tick Attack

After you take a walk in the woods, be sure to change your clothes immediately and possibly take a shower.  This is for your benefit as well as everyone else's.  Otherwise you may bring ticks into the house....  Oh and if you happen to have a mole that looks like it is peeling off... do not panic until you pull it off... only then should you let yourself realize it's a tick and run screaming around the house...  this is also a great technique for waking yourself up in the morning... and becoming paranoid for the rest of the day...

However if the tick does not come off easily... well you're in trouble.... not only are they hard to get off if they have latched on (so I've heard) but they can give you lime disease.... anyway the ONLY way to kill a tick is to decapitate it... now don't you want to go visit the country?!

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April 26, 2007


I've decided that white is a very nice color...

Especially for those of us who are constantly under ailen rule and don't have time or patience to figure it out...

Until the summer that is...

Well okay... maybe tomorrow...

I'm just too lazy tonight...

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April 22, 2007

Farm... dear farm... it I don't get the scholarship... I may end up at the funny farm...

The alien leader dragged me to the farm Friday.  In addition to manual labor, they also decided to test a new motion sickness medicine.  It is a patch that sticks behind your ear... Secretly I also think it was a tracking device in case I tried to hide or run away...  For 2 hours we weeded flowerbeds, for a while I thought maybe I was pulling weeds and the aliens were planting more!  The alien’s food supply also enjoyed watching me work... especially #285 and #289... Apparently the aliens have a taste for steak and hamburgers...  But back to the medicine... the aliens had another ulterior motive... the patch made me lazy and I think they liked yelling at me and prodding me to work... at least this time I did not have to walk in a bunch of cow pies… I just got to watch the food supply make some…

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April 19, 2007

One mystery solved...

Some people...for example...my cell mate... always wonder why I, unlike the rest of the world, get up in the morning usually by 7:45... on weekends 9:00.  Today the great mystery shall be solved...

7:15 am what happened today:

Parents are up and let the cats out of the office where they (the cats, not my parents) stay at night.





repeat of previous step with one slight change

the cat now lays down beside of my head and shoves one of his feet in my face and the other is pushing on my head

9:30am result

I get up

Cat lays in my spot on the bed

Now 3:30pm

Cat is still on bed... sleeping...


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April 18, 2007


Hmm... I guess I should start at the beginning... yesterday... all my troubles seem so far away.... no really.... all of my EXAMS ARE OVER!  Now I begin the real task... trying to figure out how to work this thing...

Anyway considering I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just going to ramble...

On the way home, I followed some extremely slow drivers... lucky for me I met the cop before I got to the passing zone. Ahh I love my car... just before I reached the small amount of civilization that's around a shining light entered my car.  The next thing I know I'm in a foreign place full of strange mechanical equipment.  My abducters then forced me to pack school lunches but not to eat the very good looking peaches...  After a hard grueling hour, they said I could have a thing of peaches that had been dropped on the floor and dented... but that is all I'm likely to have... until the next work shift... Now I'm in the dark, trying to let people know that yes I am safe... for now... the aliens seem to be rather friendly and nice... if you don't count their awful wardrobe and hairstyles... Oh I think I hear one coming I hope they don't realize I've hacked onto their computer system to send this message... I don't think they will.....................!

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